Waffles for tea

Hi! I'm here again!
I'll be back with a computer and a waffle iron. And is that my computer was "escacharrao" and would not let me do anything, that's why I have not been able to visit any blog or put recipes. Now I have to catch up and I hope that my new computer (which the Kings have brought me in advance), does not give me so much trouble.

Well, nothing, I leave you this prescription and I wish you a very happy bridge .


Some more golden than others.

Waffles for tea

150 g sieved powdered sugar
2 eggs
250 g deharina sifted
120 ml. of milkentera
65 g of melted buttermilk
Oil for the waffle iron

To make our wafers we need a cast iron wafer that molds the wafer.
You have to heat them on the electric plate or on the gas flame. Pincelamos with oil the inside of the wafer and put it to heat.

Beat the sugar with the eggs until we have a mixture frothy.
We add laharina sieved alternating with milk and butter. When we have it all well mixed the dough will be ready.
We put a tablespoon of dough in the hot wafer every time, close it and let it brown. It will take about 3-4 minutes if the waffle maker is hot enough.
Once the waffle is rolled up quickly, although I like it better without rolling it, I have left almost all of them .

Source: Elgran pastry book by Christian Teubner and Annette Wolter.