Lost bread. Aunt Alia's challenge

For this second time I participate in the challenge of Aunt Alia recipes, I have chosen the sweet proposal because in my house the torrijas are very popular and this "lost bread" is like a torrija but prepared in another way , well we had never tasted.

Happy week for everyone!

This is the recipe that Carmen gave us.

And so I prepared it:

Lost bread

8 slices of bread from the previous day
4 egg yolks
50 ml. of milk
110 ml. of muscatel wine
2 eggs
Sunflower oil

Mix the yolks well with milk and wine and let the bread slices soak for 15 minutes. minutes.
After this time, we drain them and go through the beaten eggs.
Fry in the oil until they are golden brown.
We remove the slices and put them on kitchen paper so that they release the excess oil.
Rebozamos in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

So yellowy they have left me with the eggs of my hens !!