Pineapple sponge cake in microwave

I had not prepared for a long time This cake, but the other day my sister-in-law Gabi asked me if I had the recipe and I wanted to do it.
This cake started doing it in the Iberian cookware pots and then I went to do it in the microwave, it's a lot faster and it looks great.

Gabi, here I leave the recipe, you have no excuses to do it!

Pineapple sponge cake in microwave

5 small or 4 large eggs
200 gr. of sugar
200 gr. of flour with yeast
1 natural yogurt
1 large can of pineapple
Liquid caramel

We caramelize a 20 cm mold. in diameter and 10 cm. high and we lined the bottom and walls with pineapple slices drained.
We beat the eggs with sugar and add the yogurt and flour.
Mix well and pour into the mold that we have prepared with the pineapple. br> We put in the microwave at maximum power (in mine it is 800 W.) and let it cook for 15 minutes (the time will depend on the height of the mold).
Let it cool a bit and let it unmold .
We can garnish with candied cherries.

** We can also pour pineapple juice over it, it is very good.


Here some photos of the cut.