Yes! Salsa Is Excellent For Your Health

Salsa is full of nutrition and low in fat

Eat more salsa at Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant

Article by Shan Gilbreath

Well folks it seems unanimous, salsa is good for you. Since salsa is so good for you I recommend that you jump in your car and head over to Anaya’s right now for some of their tasty salsa.

Do you love salsa?

I know I love salsa, I have since I was a born. I was raised in Arizona and just love the different varieties of salsa that are available. Mango salsa is one of the most exotic of salsas that I have tried, but man was it ever delicious. Red cabbage salsa was introduced to me by a fellow salsa lover back when I was a teenager and is now one of my favorites. Salsa varies by region and by the makers tastes. You may find some tex-mex style salsa in Texas with corn and a heaping amount of cumin, while in Nogales Arizona you might find cactus salsa, or salsa with mucho cilantro. It doesn’t matter where is comes from or who makes it I love salsa, and the biggest reason might just be that I love veggies and peppers mixed together in the heavenly delight, or food of the god’s that we call salsa.

A little salsa history

Did you know that salsa is the Spanish word for “sauce”? If you live in the Southwest you probably already know this. I bet you didn’t know that salsa was invented before Mexico was a nation? The word “salsa” is derived from the Latin word “sal” meaning salty. See’s definition and salsa page here. 

What makes salsa so good?

This has got to be a trick question. I was thinking of some scientific reason why salsa is so good. I even researched to see if there was a scientist who could shed some light on the subject for me. Maybe I didn’t search hard enough, but I couldn’t find an acceptable anwer. Mostly just a lot of opinions as to why, usually with the individual’s taste in mind. There are so many different combinations of salsa with varying taste from person to person. This question is probably one of the universe’s mysteries. So I think I need to do a lot more research, and not on the internet or in libraries, rather in Mexican restaurants and cafe’s all over the globe. I am an expert when it come to making my favorite salsas. And Anaya’s Fresh Mexican restaurant is a great place to come taste the flavor of the southwest. I will update in about 50 years when I discover the true reason why salsa is so good. Until then we should all head over to Anaya’s and try some of the best salsa on the planet.

What makes salsa healthy?

Salsa is a healthy condiment and side dish. Not only Mexican foods are complimented by salsa, but an array of other ethnic foods are welcoming of the Mexican food sensation. Some people are even using salsa to control their diet as explained on’s Salsa gives diet a healthy kick. Read the full story.

Here is a funny fact that makes sense only in a cut corners public school kind of way.

During the Clinton administration salsa was declared a vegetable for purposes of completing the school lunch daily vitamins requirements. ketchup couldn’t pass the bar but salsa sure did, see the full story here.

Did the government make salsa a vegetable for school lunches?

When Reagan was president the U.S.D.A. attempted to set ketchup as an acceptable vegetable to meet the U.S.D.A.’s national school lunch program requirements. Clinton’s U.S.D.A. was able to get salsa set as a standard despite ketchup’s failed attempt to become a vegetable. See USDA calls salsa a vegetable

USDA defends it’s position on salsa meeting the vegetable requirement in school lunches

government trade publications show back in 1998 salsa became the newest vegetable on the menu at local school cafeterias across the nation. See the story.


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