Anaya’s is making a TV commercial

woman-green-screen-TV-cameraThat’s right, Anaya’s is making a television commercial, and we want you to be in it. Tell us about your experience at Anaya’s in a video, send it to us, and have the opportunity to be in a commercial.

How do I get in a TV commercial?

Make a video testimonial. You can use any camera on a phone or tablet. Just record yourself telling us what you love about Anaya’s. Then send us the video. We will review your submission and choose the 3 or 4 best videos to include in our commercial.

What are the requirements for the video submission?

The video must be submitted by November 21st 2014.

Some more basic guidelines:

  • Film in a well lit room or area
  • Make sure there is little or no background noise (like a train or airplane)
  • Be sure to smile
  • Keep it under 15 seconds long

What should I say in the video?

We can’t tell you what to say. We want you to tell us in your own words how you feel about us.

We can help you with ideas by asking some questions that you can answer on camera.

Here are some questions you can use:

  • How well do¬†you like the food at Anaya’s?
  • Do you eat at Anaya’s a lot? (explain a little)
  • What is your favorite food at Anaya’s?
  • How do you feel about the staff when you eat at Anaya’s?
  • Are you planning to eat at Anaya’s again? How soon, and tell us what you are dreaming of eating.

Where do I send my video?

There are two ways to send your video:

1. Email your video to our media company at

2. If you have a Youtube chanel, you can upload it to youtube and email us the link at

Anaya's Fresh Mexican Food. Mexican Food Restaurant Glendale AZ

Can I get paid?

Excellent question! We are asking for our customers to give a testimonial concerning how they feel about Anaya’s food, staff, and atmosphere, We feel like paying for someone to say nice things is the same as hiring actors. Sure, we could do that but, we would like¬†actual happy customers to be honest about their restaurant experience.

However we are going to make this a little bit of a competition by giving the best video sent to us a $15 gift certificate for dinner at Anaya’s.

As always, Anaya’s appreciates your business, and we are honored to serve our community by offering great food to great people. ~Anaya’s

What are the disclosures?

By sending us a video testimonial you are agreeing to these following terms and conditions:

You authorize Anaya’s and AZ Media Managers to use your video in an Anaya’s commercial. We may post this video on line in social media outlets like Facebook and Youtube. You also agree to hold harmless Anaya’s and AZ Media managers from any perceived damaged physical or intellectual, and from any earnings. This is an unpaid voluntary submission by you. All physical and intellectual rights of the video testimonial are transferred to Anaya’s by sending us a link to or by emailing your video testimonial.

This is a straight forward disclosure. We will not use your video for any other purposes than attested to in the disclosure above.

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