Anaya’s is making a new dessert menu.

Hello everyone,

This is Shan Gilbreath, Anaya’s marketing manager. Maria has asked me to create a tabletop desert menu for Anaya’s customers. She has been sending me pictures of the food as she makes it, this way no food is wasted making the new menu. I just checked my email and she sent me these dessert pictures that are just mind blowing. The most beautiful food you can imagine. I am getting hungry just working with these pictures. I thought I would share them with you as a sort of sneak peek at the coming menu.

These dessert pictures will induce hunger GUARANTEED! (if not just wait a few minutes)

I don’t even know what this is, but I want it!


I think this is flan in dulce de leche with strawberries on top. It looks absolutely delicious. Whatever it is I think I want to try it. I am adding this to my bucket list. Good thing Anaya’s is just up the road from me.

Mexican Deep Fried Ice Cream










Now this is something I know a little bit about. Growing up in Phoenix, I have had Fried ice cream from a lot of different restaurants. I think almost every Mexican food place serves this as a tradition. Still, this stuff never gets old. My wife and I had some recently at Anaya’s and, yes, it is still delicious. Even better after a Mexican food dinner and some margaritas. Am I right?

Here are a couple more pictures sent to me today of food served at Anaya’s:





Customers are the life’s blood of Anaya’s

Hello Everyone,

We have compiled a few customer reviews that are attributed to Anaya’s VIA the website. We have listed just a small fraction of the reviews attributed to us. There are many more at here.

Mexican Food Is Serious Business for Our Head Chef

Chili Colorado / Red Chili  We take our Mexican Food very seriously. Our head Chef Cheto Mata has over 20 years experience creating culinary masterpieces as a professional chef. His ability to create unique dishes and tie them in with traditional cooking passed down to him from his parents and grandparents, has led him here to Glendale’s Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant. Since his arrival he has found better food suppliers, with fresher ingredients. He has made the menu items more wholesome and nutritious, by acquiring better quality ingredients and taking the time to prepare and cook them the right way.

Every single dish I send out to a customer is my best dish. I cook in a tradition passed down through the generations.

We appreciate every single review.

IMG_0068Cheto believes that without diners, there will be no restaurant. For this reason we like to stay on top of any mistakes that we are making, in order to fix them as fast as we can. This is a great way to get community feedback on our food line and customer’s experience.

Please keep the comments coming and we will always do our best to give every customer a five star dining experience.

To let us know how we are doing, you can leave a comment on this page, down at the bottom in the comments section, or over at our review page.

Anaya’s 5 Star Customer Reviews



~Anett V – Glendale, AZ

Very clean place, food is delicious The taste is like a homemade Mexican food. The server are really friendly. I recommend this place.


Anayas Fresh Mexican Restaurant - Glendale, AZ, United States

5stars 5 STARS

~Lucy M. – Phoenix, AZ

We just discovered this place and loved it! I had the enchilada deluxe with ground beef and green sauce and my boyfriend had a carne asada burrito. Their food is just great and the staff very friendly. I enjoy coming here once a week, if you go on a Friday they have live music playing. It’s very very nice and I recommend it to anyone looking for great Mexican food.

5stars5 STARS

~Mathew L. – Phoenix, AZ

Tasty and fresh.  My family had a wonderful Father’s Day here.



~Heather C. – Eden Prairie, MN

Excellent. Friends and I arrived there for an early lunch prior to our flight from PHX. Delicious food, fun atmosphere, and attentive service.

I wish I lived in Phoenix so I could come back more often! We could not have been happier.

5stars5 STARS

~Sosa R. – Phoenix, AZ

I was really skeptical coming to this restaurant because there were only 5 reviews.

The interior seating reminds me of some of the local restaurants in Mexico. Brings back joyful memories and a sense of comfort.
The host was friendly and welcoming. Our waitress was very nice and helpful with the menu.

I ordered the chicken mole which was tasted fresh and delicious! My wife had a mini-chimichanga with shredded chicken. She also enjoyed the food. My 5-year old son ate his rice and beans. He doesn’t normally eat well at restaurants if he doesn’t like the food. He loved it!

They also have a full bar with 2 flat screens hanging at both ends.

The service and food here is excellent and I am definitely coming here more often.

5 stars!


Anayas Fresh Mexican Restaurant - Interior seating - Glendale, AZ, United States


Anayas Fresh Mexican Restaurant - Anaya's street sign - Glendale, AZ, United States


Anayas Fresh Mexican Restaurant - Chicken mole - Glendale, AZ, United States

10% off on Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Food for all of our wonderful VIP’s (with the card)

Hello valued customers,

We would like to introduce our new offer to our VIP’s.

We know that you guys like to visit our website, and you like our food, so we decided to offer an internet only deal for all of our favorite customers.

Just print out the flyer and cut out your cards.

Anaya's Fresh Mexican Restaurant's Customer VIP cards


Anaya’s Fresh Mexican restaurant in Glendale Arizona is putting together a special Mariscos Menu.

Glendale has shown us so much support and we appreciate it. We feel like we have really found a wonderful home with great neighbors all around us. Over the last year we have been paying attention to your requests. That is why we are creating a special seafood Mariscos menu that will be available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. In addition to our delicious seafood that is already available on the regular menu, we will be adding a few treats along will a larger selection of various Mexican seafood styles.

New Mariscos menu coming soon

Look for the new menu to be available in the coming weeks. To commemorate this announcement we are offering a $5.00 discount on any meals totaling $20 or more. Here is the coupon.

Click for printable coupon

Click for printable coupon

Check out our new menu.

We have upgraded the look of our menu and made a few changes in the menu items. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Food Menu

Our Mexican food is always prepared with love and of course with the freshest and best  ingredients available.


cover Anaya's Mexican food menu second page Anaya's Mexican food menu page 3 Anaya's Mexican food menu page 3 Anaya's Mexican food menu page 5 Anaya's Mexican food menu page 5


Anaya’s cooking;

Mexican food outside of Mexico (as described to us by

Most Mexican food found outside of Mexico is limited, generally based on the food of far northern Mexico and the Southwest U.S. Nachosburritosfajitaschili con carne and chimichangas are U.S. inventions for the most part.[2] However, with the growing ethnic Mexican population in the United States, more authentic Mexican food is appearing slowly in the US. One reason is that Mexican immigrants use food as a means of combating homesickness, and for their descendants, it is a symbol of ethnicity.[26] Alternatively, with more Americans experiencing Mexican food in Mexico, there is a growing demand for more authentic flavors.[26][63]


Anaya’s flavors

Anaya’s combines the traditional Mexican flavors with Northern Mexico flavors. In Arizona most of the traditional Mexican restaurants have incorporated the Northern or as I like to call it, the Sonoran style Mexican flavors with some of the Gringo creations and flavors like chimichangas, burritos, and machaca.

Anaya’s has a very unique style and process for cooking. We like to prepare our food as if we were serving it to our family at our home. Home cooked authentic style Mexican food, with traditional and non-traditional favorites, are part of the large selection of food on our menu.

So, come on in and see how our family likes to eat Mexican food.

Thank you

Anaya’s management

Kicking Off Our Cinco De Mayo Fiesta


Anaya’s has a wonderful Cinco De Mayo planned for you.

We have a special menu along with our regular menu, plus specials on drinks and food.

A Dj will be here playing music for you to enjoy.

The Corona Girls will be dropping by.

We have door prizes and gifts to give away.

This is an event you should not miss. Come have breakfast, lunch or dinner with us at Anaya’s and join the Cinco De Mayo festivities.

Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant
9240 N 43rd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85302

(623) 243-2504

Anaya’s Breakfast and breakfast Burritos

Try our fresh Mexican breakfast Served from 8am-2pm

We are open
Monday – Thursday

9am – 10pm

Friday – Sunday
8am – 10pm

Choice of jack cheese or mix cheddar. Served with hash browns and toast.
Sausage, tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Served with hash browns and toast.
Tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and green peppers. Served
with hash browns and toast.
Flour tortilla filled with chicken or beef smothered with red
enchilada sauce and topped with a Sunnyside up egg.
1 STACK .99 2 STACK 1.99 3 STACK 2.99
Chorizo, tomatoes, onions, fresh jalapenos, and cheese.
Two eggs any style, choice of bacon or sausage, hash browns and toast.
8oz New York steak topped with sautéed onions. Served with two eggs, hash browns and warm tortillas.
Choice of chicken or steak with sautéed onions and green pep-pers. Served with two eggs, hash browns, sour cream, pico de gallo and warm tortillas.
Vanilla battered French toast served with bacon or sausage.
Large flour tortilla stuffed full with country potatoes, onions, tomatoes, scrambled eggs and cheese choose from
Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Chorizo or Machaca
Two over easy eggs on a corn tortillas smothered with our green chile sauce. Served with rice, beans and tortillas.
Two over easy eggs in a corn tortilla bowl one with red sauce and one with green sauce. Served with rice and beans
Two eggs scramble with onion, tomatoes and our homemade Mexican sausage. Served with rice, beans and tortillas.
Two eggs scrambled with tomatoes, onions and ham cubes. Served with rice, beans and warm tortillas.
Crispy corn tortilla scrambled with two eggs choice of red or green sauce garnished with fresh onion and Mexican cheese.
Shredded beef scrambled with two eggs, onions and green
peppers. Served with rice, beans and warm tortillas.

Served from 8am-2pm

Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant in Glendale Arizona serves the freshest Mexican food.

Excellent quality Mexican food. Great people, great service, excellent Mexican food, and great prices are exactly what we serve up here at Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant.

Anaya’s Mexican Food Glendale AZ

Best Mexican Food in Glendale AZ

Our brand new Mexican restaurant is new to the Glendale community but our family and tradition of cooking great Mexican food and serving it up in a restaurant style setting is our specialty. We aim to be the very best Mexican restaurant in the Glendale and Phoenix area. You will see that in the quality of food and the great service we provide to our customers.

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