Anaya’s is making a new dessert menu.

Hello everyone,

This is Shan Gilbreath, Anaya’s marketing manager. Maria has asked me to create a tabletop desert menu for Anaya’s customers. She has been sending me pictures of the food as she makes it, this way no food is wasted making the new menu. I just checked my email and she sent me these dessert pictures that are just mind blowing. The most beautiful food you can imagine. I am getting hungry just working with these pictures. I thought I would share them with you as a sort of sneak peek at the coming menu.

These dessert pictures will induce hunger GUARANTEED! (if not just wait a few minutes)

I don’t even know what this is, but I want it!


I think this is flan in dulce de leche with strawberries on top. It looks absolutely delicious. Whatever it is I think I want to try it. I am adding this to my bucket list. Good thing Anaya’s is just up the road from me.

Mexican Deep Fried Ice Cream










Now this is something I know a little bit about. Growing up in Phoenix, I have had Fried ice cream from a lot of different restaurants. I think almost every Mexican food place serves this as a tradition. Still, this stuff never gets old. My wife and I had some recently at Anaya’s and, yes, it is still delicious. Even better after a Mexican food dinner and some margaritas. Am I right?

Here are a couple more pictures sent to me today of food served at Anaya’s:





Customers are the life’s blood of Anaya’s

Hello Everyone,

We have compiled a few customer reviews that are attributed to Anaya’s VIA the website. We have listed just a small fraction of the reviews attributed to us. There are many more at here.

Mexican Food Is Serious Business for Our Head Chef

Chili Colorado / Red Chili  We take our Mexican Food very seriously. Our head Chef Cheto Mata has over 20 years experience creating culinary masterpieces as a professional chef. His ability to create unique dishes and tie them in with traditional cooking passed down to him from his parents and grandparents, has led him here to Glendale’s Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant. Since his arrival he has found better food suppliers, with fresher ingredients. He has made the menu items more wholesome and nutritious, by acquiring better quality ingredients and taking the time to prepare and cook them the right way.

Every single dish I send out to a customer is my best dish. I cook in a tradition passed down through the generations.

We appreciate every single review.

IMG_0068Cheto believes that without diners, there will be no restaurant. For this reason we like to stay on top of any mistakes that we are making, in order to fix them as fast as we can. This is a great way to get community feedback on our food line and customer’s experience.

Please keep the comments coming and we will always do our best to give every customer a five star dining experience.

To let us know how we are doing, you can leave a comment on this page, down at the bottom in the comments section, or over at our review page.

Anaya’s 5 Star Customer Reviews



~Anett V – Glendale, AZ

Very clean place, food is delicious The taste is like a homemade Mexican food. The server are really friendly. I recommend this place.


Anayas Fresh Mexican Restaurant - Glendale, AZ, United States

5stars 5 STARS

~Lucy M. – Phoenix, AZ

We just discovered this place and loved it! I had the enchilada deluxe with ground beef and green sauce and my boyfriend had a carne asada burrito. Their food is just great and the staff very friendly. I enjoy coming here once a week, if you go on a Friday they have live music playing. It’s very very nice and I recommend it to anyone looking for great Mexican food.

5stars5 STARS

~Mathew L. – Phoenix, AZ

Tasty and fresh.  My family had a wonderful Father’s Day here.



~Heather C. – Eden Prairie, MN

Excellent. Friends and I arrived there for an early lunch prior to our flight from PHX. Delicious food, fun atmosphere, and attentive service.

I wish I lived in Phoenix so I could come back more often! We could not have been happier.

5stars5 STARS

~Sosa R. – Phoenix, AZ

I was really skeptical coming to this restaurant because there were only 5 reviews.

The interior seating reminds me of some of the local restaurants in Mexico. Brings back joyful memories and a sense of comfort.
The host was friendly and welcoming. Our waitress was very nice and helpful with the menu.

I ordered the chicken mole which was tasted fresh and delicious! My wife had a mini-chimichanga with shredded chicken. She also enjoyed the food. My 5-year old son ate his rice and beans. He doesn’t normally eat well at restaurants if he doesn’t like the food. He loved it!

They also have a full bar with 2 flat screens hanging at both ends.

The service and food here is excellent and I am definitely coming here more often.

5 stars!


Anayas Fresh Mexican Restaurant - Interior seating - Glendale, AZ, United States


Anayas Fresh Mexican Restaurant - Anaya's street sign - Glendale, AZ, United States


Anayas Fresh Mexican Restaurant - Chicken mole - Glendale, AZ, United States

Anaya’s is making a TV commercial

woman-green-screen-TV-cameraThat’s right, Anaya’s is making a television commercial, and we want you to be in it. Tell us about your experience at Anaya’s in a video, send it to us, and have the opportunity to be in a commercial.

How do I get in a TV commercial?

Make a video testimonial. You can use any camera on a phone or tablet. Just record yourself telling us what you love about Anaya’s. Then send us the video. We will review your submission and choose the 3 or 4 best videos to include in our commercial.

What are the requirements for the video submission?

The video must be submitted by November 21st 2014.

Some more basic guidelines:

  • Film in a well lit room or area
  • Make sure there is little or no background noise (like a train or airplane)
  • Be sure to smile
  • Keep it under 15 seconds long

What should I say in the video?

We can’t tell you what to say. We want you to tell us in your own words how you feel about us.

We can help you with ideas by asking some questions that you can answer on camera.

Here are some questions you can use:

  • How well do you like the food at Anaya’s?
  • Do you eat at Anaya’s a lot? (explain a little)
  • What is your favorite food at Anaya’s?
  • How do you feel about the staff when you eat at Anaya’s?
  • Are you planning to eat at Anaya’s again? How soon, and tell us what you are dreaming of eating.

Where do I send my video?

There are two ways to send your video:

1. Email your video to our media company at

2. If you have a Youtube chanel, you can upload it to youtube and email us the link at

Anaya's Fresh Mexican Food. Mexican Food Restaurant Glendale AZ

Can I get paid?

Excellent question! We are asking for our customers to give a testimonial concerning how they feel about Anaya’s food, staff, and atmosphere, We feel like paying for someone to say nice things is the same as hiring actors. Sure, we could do that but, we would like actual happy customers to be honest about their restaurant experience.

However we are going to make this a little bit of a competition by giving the best video sent to us a $15 gift certificate for dinner at Anaya’s.

As always, Anaya’s appreciates your business, and we are honored to serve our community by offering great food to great people. ~Anaya’s

What are the disclosures?

By sending us a video testimonial you are agreeing to these following terms and conditions:

You authorize Anaya’s and AZ Media Managers to use your video in an Anaya’s commercial. We may post this video on line in social media outlets like Facebook and Youtube. You also agree to hold harmless Anaya’s and AZ Media managers from any perceived damaged physical or intellectual, and from any earnings. This is an unpaid voluntary submission by you. All physical and intellectual rights of the video testimonial are transferred to Anaya’s by sending us a link to or by emailing your video testimonial.

This is a straight forward disclosure. We will not use your video for any other purposes than attested to in the disclosure above.


We have been getting a lot of customers coming to us from the Arrowhead mall area. We are only four miles from the mall and many people find us easy and convenient. We are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Stop by and see us if you are in the Arrowhead mall area.




Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant locations


59th Ave & Thunderbird

5830 W Thunderbird Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85306

(602) 559-4377

Hours of operation

Mon – Fri 10am – 10pm

Sun & Mon 9am – 10pm

Here is a map of Anaya’s 59th Ave location: Click to see the Google Map

43rd Ave & Dunlap

9240 N 43rd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85302

(623) 243-2504

Hours of operation

Mon – Fri 10am – 10pm

Sun & Mon 9am – 10pm

Here is a map of Anaya’s 43rd Ave location: Click to see the Google Map


Anaya’s New $5.00 off Mexican Food dinner coupon

Hello, we would like to offer everyone this coupon as a way to get you to come out and  try our new location on Thunderbird and 59th Ave, or you can use it at our location on 43rd Ave if you like. Either way we hope you come see us soon and enjoy our wonderful Mexican food with us. ENJOY!

Anaya's new $5 coupon

click  the coupon image for the printable version


Now Open | Excellent Mexican food in Glendale Arizona

Now Open Excellent Mexican food from Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new location. We have already started taking customers and seem to be well received by the neighborhood and community. We love making new friends and even our old friends have been stopping by the new location to check it out.

You can still always visit us at our first location at 43rd Ave and Dunlap/Olive.

Our newest location is at 5830 W Thunderbird Rd. Glendale Arizona 85306. You can find us in the same strip mall as Safeway right next to Subway. The corner is located at 59th Ave and Thunderbird Roads on the North East corner.

Now that you have excellent directions, please come out and visit us. We are always ready to provide you with the best food and dinning experience in the valley.


Come out and enjoy the mariachi at Anaya’s Fresh Mexican Restaurant


Hello first page of

Google Mexican Food
Anaya’s is on Google’s first page for Mexican Food

Anaya’s Search Engine Optimization efforts pay off BIG TIME!

When we opened over a year ago on 43rd avenue, we knew we needed some guidance when it came to websites and what the website means for our business. We reached out to Shan Gilbreath who is a local web expert with many years of experience. After explaining the importance of search results and optimizing those results we put him on a mission to get us on the first page of for the search term “Mexican Food Glendale”. The first few months we saw some small successes with things like “Anaya’s Mexican Food” and “New Mexican food Glendale“. Now we have hit the main page with the search term “Mexican food glendale”. This was the original goal, now the goal is to stay on the first page, and maybe even first place.

Check us out on in the search results

Here is the link to the search “Mexican Food Glendale“. If you live in the Phoenix area this link should work. You can also go to and enter the search yourself.

Thank you Shan Gilbreath Web Developing for all the work you have put into our restaurant. Your vision is inspiring. But, most impressive is your ability to turn our vision into a reality.  Shan’s website

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