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Google Mexican Food
Anaya’s is on Google’s first page for Mexican Food

Anaya’s Search Engine Optimization efforts pay off BIG TIME!

When we opened over a year ago on 43rd avenue, we knew we needed some guidance when it came to websites and what the website means for our business. We reached out to Shan Gilbreath who is a local web expert with many years of experience. After explaining the importance of search results and optimizing those results we put him on a mission to get us on the first page of Google.com for the search term “Mexican Food Glendale”. The first few months we saw some small successes with things like “Anaya’s Mexican Food” and “New Mexican food Glendale“. Now we have hit the main page with the search term “Mexican food glendale”. This was the original goal, now the goal is to stay on the first page, and maybe even first place.

Check us out on Google.com in the search results

Here is the link to the search “Mexican Food Glendale“. If you live in the Phoenix area this link should work. You can also go to Google.com and enter the search yourself.

Thank you Shan Gilbreath Web Developing for all the work you have put into our restaurant. Your vision is inspiring. But, most impressive is your ability to turn our vision into a reality.  Shan’s website www.shangilbreath.com

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